Yard Drainage Services Tips

How to Put Drain Tile in Wet Yard Areas  

If your lawn resembles a swamp every time there is heavy rain, then the chances are great that you have drainage issues. Either the water fails to flow away from your home, or your lawn is too flat to drain water properly. Any water that stands close to your house will look for a way to seek entrance to your foundations, which can result in serious problems. Improve drainage around your home by installing drainage tiles. You can either use professional yard drainage services such as Entire Home Service or try it yourself. The project, however, does involve a great deal of digging, but the end results are worth the sweat equity.

You will need to dig a trench from the source of the water downhill to where you want the pipe to drain. A minimum of two-three inches diameter pipe will be needed. Make the trench wide enough to house the pipe. Make sure you dig it deep enough to handle the pipe plus another 3 inches of gravel below the pipe and topsoil to cover it.

Fill the trench with around 3 inches of gravel, set the tile on the gravel. If you are using perforated tile, remember to place the perforations facing downward. The perforated pipe will allow the water to drain out as it flows along the pipe. Nonperforated tile will retain the water in the pipe until it reaches a receptacle. Slide a tile sock over the tile to prevent silt from filling the openings. Slide the male connectors into the female ones on the end of the tiles to fasten the pieces together. Once you have done all this, simply fill the trench back in with the soil you removed earlier.

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