Yard Drainage Services Tips on Dealing With Water Logged Yards

How to Put Drain Tile in Wet Yard Areas  

If your lawn looks like a swamp every time there is heavy rainfall, chances are that you have drainage issues. Either the water is not flowing away from your house, or your lawn is too flat to drain the water effectively. Any water that stands is looking for a way to enter your home. Improve the drainage around your home by installing drainage tiles may be your best option. The project involves a great deal of digging, which is why most homeowners hire professional yard drainage services such as Entire Home Service.

Dig a trench from the source of the water downhill to where you want the pipe to drain. A minimum of 2 to 3 inches diameter pipe will be needed. Dig the trench deep enough to accommodate the pipe plus 3 inches of gravel below the pipe and topsoil. Use a chisel-point bar to remove any rocks you come across.

Fill the trench in with 3 inches of gravel, and set the tile on the gravel. If you are using perforated tile, make sure to place the perforations facing downward. Non-perforated tile will house the water in the pipe until it reaches a receptacle. Slide a tile sock over the tile if you wish to stop silt from filling in openings. Slide the male tile connectors inside the female openings to fasten the pieces together.

Check the tile has enough slope, as it needs at least a 1/8-inch drop per foot or 1/2 inch every 4 feet. To achieve this, simply add or remove gravel as necessary in order to maintain the desired slope. Fasten the drainage tile to the gutters, if you are trying to stop the water from spilling into your foundations.

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