Yard Drainage Services Cost Saving Tips

Expert Drainage Tips That Will Save You Money in the Long Run

Every homeowner makes sure their interior drains are clear, clean, and working as they should. However, have you given any thought to your exterior drainage? It is all too easy to forget that your yard is unable to take care of rainwater and snowmelt by itself. However, with some pre-planning, you can avoid paying out thousands of dollars worth of water damage to your foundations, siding, and landscaping. So, continue to read this post provided by our Entire Home Service yard drainage services.

Signs of Bad Drainage

If you take some time to look, it is easy to see if you have areas of poor drainage. Low spots in your garden will collect water, and in other places, you may even see some places that still have standing water. Other signs you need to look out for include a chronically wet exterior and water stains.

Poor Drainage Issues

The most common drainage problem stems from downspout runoff. Having all the watersheds from your roof filter down into one, focused area next to your home will most definitely result in standing water, and this will often seep into your home’s foundation. The worst-case scenario when it comes to poor drainage is your foundation starts to crack. This can cause settling, mold and mildew, and flooding into the basement, when applicable. Repairing cracked foundations can cost you thousands of dollars, all depending on how extensive the crack is.

The Ideal Drainage System

The number one rule every homeowner should adhere to is the 10-foot rule. It applies to every drainage system, meaning water needs to be redirected at least 10 feet away from your house. A few feet will simply not cut it, especially when the snow starts to melt quickly or there is a severe rainstorm. And, remember to angle drainage pipes downward and away from your home.

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