Do You Have Standing Water in Your Yard?

What Yard Drainage Companies can do for You

Every time it rains, do you see large puddles forming that seem to hang around for quite some time afterward? If yes, then you may need to consider the service from one of your local yard drainage companies. What exactly can they do to help you out? In this article, you will find out the information.

French Drains – These are created by digging out the ground right next to your foundation, generally about 6 inches wide and 12 inches deep. They contain a perforated pipe that collects excess water and directs it away to a tank or somewhere further away from your property. The ditch is filled in with gravel to ensure the water is not able to sit on the surface.

Storm Drains – You will often see these out on the roads or vast concrete or tarmac surfaces. They are designed to collect and drain the water from impervious surfaces such as pathways, parking lots, and roofs. These drains can vary in size from small dry wells to municipal systems.

Surface Drains – These are exactly what you imagine. Trenches on either side of a walkway or road are dug out in a parallel formation, but not very deep. They act as a kind of canal to direct the water away from the property to prevent issues with standing water.

Gutters and Downspout Systems – The gutters around the edge of a roof are there to carry away any water that runs off the roof. The gutters have downspouts attached to them, in certain areas, to carry the water down the side of a building and into a drain that is hidden under the surface of the ground, the water is carried away far enough, so it does not soak into the ground under the foundations.

There are many more ways you can ensure the water after a storm does not hang around your property. All you need to do is call one of the yard drainage companies in your area. Entire Home Service is such a company. We work in and around Houston, TX and would be glad to assist you with any type of drainage issues you are experiencing.