Tips Provided by Professional Yard Drainage Companies

Easy Ways to Improve Yard Drainage

Having drainage problems in your yard, not only results in standing water damage to your grass and plant but is also a health hazard. Standing water will frequently play house to mosquito larvae and other undesirable pests, so it is important to correct any yard drainage issues as soon as possible, so while you are looking around for yard drainage companies, read this post on how you can improve drainage in your yard, and around the perimeter of your home.

1. Maintain good surface drainage away from your home’s foundation. Check to be sure that this isn’t an issue by making sure any soil, mulch, gravel or plantings are not covering the siding of your house. All of these materials must slope away from your foundation.

2. Do not obstruct yard drainage routes with the likes of planters, raised flowerbeds, berms, raised play areas, etc. Keep all run-off flowing. Remember to keep an eye out for tree roots or any heavy vegetation, as these can also impact run-off.

3. Extend downspouts in PVC or corrugated drain tiles past planting beds and below-grade toward a low area of your yard to minimize erosion. Make sure any roof water drains away from the foundations. Inspect gutters and downspouts regularly to make sure they are clean and clear from debris.

4. Discharge your sump pump water into a perforated drainage pipe which has been backfilled with drainage gravel or into a drywell. By using a drainage pipe or drywell, some of the water can still be absorbed into the soil without causing any excessive pooling.

5. Correct all ‘back-pitching’ hard surfaces like patios, stoops, driveways, and walkways. If these surfaces are made from concrete, you could be able to have the surfaces raised by a mud-jack. However, if the surfaces are either brick or stone, they can be removed and reinstalled to achieve the slope required.

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