Reasons You Need Your Drainage Contractor More Often!

4 Shocking Culprits Behind Your Clogged Drains

Clogged drains can be a major inconvenience. It can cause damage to your home’s plumbing system. While it’s common knowledge that pouring grease down the drain or flushing non-degradable items can cause blockages, there are other surprising culprits that could be wreaking havoc on your drainage system. Let your drainage contractor give you some insights below!


Hair is one of the most common causes of clogged drains. Hair on pipes can create a tangled mess that traps other debris and slows down the flow of water. To prevent hair from clogging your drains, make sure to use a drain cover or strainer in your shower or bathtub and regularly clean it out.


Soap may seem harmless, but it can actually contribute to clogged drains. Traditional soap bars are made from fat or grease, which can combine with minerals in water to form a hard residue called soap scum. Over time, this soap scum can build up in your pipes and create blockages. To prevent this from happening, consider switching to liquid soap or using a water softener to reduce the mineral content in your water.

Food Waste

Even if you have a garbage disposal, certain types of food waste can still cause problems for your drainage system. Foods like rice, pasta, and potato peels can expand when they come into contact with water and create blockages. To prevent food waste from clogging your drains, make sure to scrape any leftover food into the trash before washing dishes and avoid putting fibrous or starchy foods down the garbage disposal.

Tree Roots

Tree roots can grow into your pipes and cause major blockages. As roots search for water and nutrients, they can find their way into small cracks or joints in your pipes and continue to grow until they completely obstruct the flow of water. To prevent tree roots from damaging your drainage system, make sure to plant trees away from any underground pipes and regularly check for signs of root intrusion.

Don’t let these surprising culprits cause damage to your drainage system. Take preventative measures and schedule regular maintenance with Entire Home Service to keep your pipes flowing smoothly. We’re a preferred drainage contractor in Houston, TX. For inquiries, call (832) 225-6443.