About the Patio Services Offered by Our Drainage Contractor

Even though it may not be the first thing on your mind when considering a new patio installation service, drainage will greatly impact your ability to enjoy your new addition. Drainage is the natural or artificial movement of surface and subsurface water. Without the proper setup, water will roll back on the foundations, causing damaging erosion. Standing water can breed insects and ruin your landscaping, and it can cause your patio to subside and throw the entire area out of level.

Our drainage contractor in Houston, TX drains the water away from the structures in a few ways depending on the design of the patio. The base of the patio will provide drainage. When we install new patios, we make sure to research the soil you have within your property thoroughly. Unless you want a paver patio, there will not be any sand on the surface of the patio. Water will percolate through it until it reaches the base. We evenly lay the gravel or sand base to ensure water will not pool under the patio and cause it to sink.

One of the simplest ways to drain water is to slope the base of the patio prior to the installation. The natural pull of gravity drains water down the slight slope. To effectively move water, we grade the base ¼-inch for each linear foot of the patio’s surface. Depending on your soil, we may have to install a drainpipe running it under the surface and out to an area that will handle the outflow.

Another method we, at Entire Home Service, use is to construct a dry well. This is a hole or barrel filled with gravel and sand that transfers water into the subsoil by holding it until it can percolate naturally. This is a good choice to navigate the water from French drains. If you have already installed a patio, and it turns into a pond with each rainfall, you should definitely call our drainage contractor. We can help you fix the problem. But bear in mind that sometimes repairs are not enough and the patio must be completely replaced and rebuilt.

We, at Entire Home Service, have years of experience in this industry and can help you design and build beautiful outdoor structures. Contact us at (832) 225-6443 to schedule an appointment for our patio installation service in Houston, TX. We will be happy to help you!