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3 Tips to Protect Your Yard Drainage System and Prevent Damage

Are you looking for ways to keep your yard drainage system intact from possible damage? Installing a drainage system can seem like a hassle, but proper maintenance and quality yard drainage services will be key to maintaining a healthy yard. Here are some tips to protect your yard drainage system and prevent damage:

Check the System Periodically

Periodic inspections of the main drainage and underground pipes should be conducted to discover any possible damage or blockages. This can be done by running the sprinklers and watching the flow from the pipes to make sure everything looks normal. To ensure a steady flow of water, it’s recommended that you clean the drainage system every few years.

Manage the Flow

Make sure to knowledgeably manage the flow of water around and through your yard. If you discover that your yard drainage system could be harmed by over-flowing water, you should invest in a rain garden which can help with water retention. Additionally, you should use a rain barrel or rain diverter to capture and divert excess water away from the drains.

Install Flood Prevention Devices

There is a range of devices available to provide additional protection for your yard’s drainage system. You can install a flow meter device to monitor the drainage flow rate and blockages. There are also interrupters to avoid flooding, as well as custom-made flood warning flags that detect flooding and raise a flag when a pre-set water level is reached.

It’s important to be aware of how to protect your yard drainage system and prevent any damage. Following these four tips are key to keeping your yard drainage system in tip-top shape and preventing the need for costly repairs. If you’re looking for a company to handle your yard drainage problems, Entire Home Service provides a range of yard drainage services and systems that can keep your yard healthy. Contact us at (832) 225-6443 today to learn more about how to keep your yard drainage system in Houston, TX running properly and to get a reliable quote.