Drainage Installation Contractors Tips

Driveway Drainage Solutions  

Many homes have driveways that slope either towards the garage or the house. During rainstorms, water will flow onto your property from several sources such as roofs, hillsides, and even your neighbor’s yard. Since concrete and asphalt are impermeable, when water reaches your driveway it will no longer be absorbed into the ground, which means it will often flow into your garage, or worse, your home. Our drainage installation contractors receive many phone calls about driveway drainage issues, so we thought we would lay out some of the main ways that this problem can be resolved.

The Wrong Driveway Drainage Solution

Many homeowners think they can solve their drainage problems by simply moving dirt or digging shallow trenches. These temporary fixes don’t however, effectively resolve the problem and can actually in some cases make the problem worse. The majority of homeowners report they are not happy with the results of such temporary solutions.

The Right Driveway Drainage Solutions

Driveway Drains

For some homes, especially ones that sit below street level, it is difficult to resolve the drainage problem with correct placement and slope alone. In situations such as this, driveway drains need to be installed.

Drainage Pipes

On extremely long driveways, think about having a gulley or drainage pipes installed on either side of the drive for the runoff. These will carry the water away and put it in another place. However, it is important to consider where it will be carried, unless the ground is damp or marshy, creating drainage from crushed rock and pebbles, that has a porous or drilled pipe above, allows the water to drain into the ground.

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