Drainage Installation Contractors Price Guide

Cost of Stormwater Pits and Drains

Having drains installed can cost approximately $75 an hour. The actual prices, though that drainage installation contractors charge does vary depending on the specifics of the job. Overall though, rates can be as little as $70 an hour up to $77 an hour.

Factors that will often influence the cost

Before starting any job, your contractor will first need to inspect the area where the drain is going to be installed. Once this is done, they will determine how much to charge you by taking various factors into consideration.


Drainage systems come in different shapes and sizes, the drains can be made from either plastic or aluminum. Concrete pits are more expensive, however, are worthy of a second glance, as they are built to last. Plastic can either be light or heavy-duty, however, they are generally more affordable than their concrete counterparts.


A bigger drainage system is obviously much more expensive to install than a lighter one. This is because they are a great deal heavier and take more time to be installed properly. However, when it comes to drains, the smallest option is not always the right one. So make sure that you seek advice from your contractor with regards to what the best size is for your needs.

Additional services

In some installation jobs, excavation is often required for the drainage system to fit properly. Which in turn will likely drive up the price. Another thing that you can include in your expenses is having custom-made water systems. These are more expensive due to the fact they need to be tailored to the exact specifications.

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