Drainage Contractor Tips

A Contractor’s Guide to Proper Stormwater Drainage  

Stormwater runoff is considered the leading cause of water pollution. As it travels across the floor, it will pick up and carry everything it encounters, which will often end up in drainage systems, which in turn will cause blockages. If you are dealing with such a problem, calling in a professional drainage contractor will be your only outlet.

How To Manage Stormwater Runoff?

There are several methods that you can try to control stormwater runoff at a construction site. Procedures used are referred to as Best Management Practices or BMPs for short.

Compost-Based Methods

Compost will, believe it or not, help to control runoff in various ways. The benefits of using compost-based methods range from:

  • Being able to retain high volumes of water.

  • Retention of pollutants thus improving downstream water quality

  • Decomposes nutrients and hydrocarbons

  • Improvement of soil structure and nutrient

Detention Ponds & Basins

You can also channel runoff to the likes of nearby detention ponds or basins instead of downstream to sources such as rivers. Detention ponds can act as temporary holding areas for stormwater runoff until it is deemed safe to release. Basins will house water until it soaks into the soil. With either solution, you will need stormwater drainage to help direct the flow of water into your pond or basin.

Extended Detention Ponds

Water will remain in an extended detention pond until the pollutants have had time to settle on the bottom. Only then can you reintroduce the water back into the ecosystem, doing this will reduce flooding and help to reduce water pollution.

Wet Ponds

These will house runoff until the next rain when the new stormwater will fill it. It is a more or less automated system, which means you have no control over when the water is evacuated.

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