Differences Between Irrigation and a Drainage Contractor

Not All Drainage Contractors Are Created Equal

Irrigation and drainage is the artificial application of water to land and the artificial removal of the excess water from land, irrespectively. Some land will need irrigation or drainage before it can be used for any agricultural or building production; while other land will benefit from either practice to increase production. Some land, will not need either. Although either practice is often used for non-agricultural purposes to improve the environment. Ask any drainage contractor and they will tell you that irrigation and drainage improvements are not always mutually exclusive. Often both are required together to assure sustained, high-level production of crops.

Modern irrigation system planning and construction

Water supply

The first consideration when planning an irrigation project is to find a water supply. Water supplies can be classified as surface or subsurface. Though both come from precipitation like snow or rain, it is more difficult to determine the origin of subsurface water though.

When planning a surface water supply, extensive studies need to be made on the flow in the stream or river that is going to be used. If the streamflow has been measured frequently over a long period, and that includes times of drought and flood, then the studies will be greatly simplified.

From streamflow data, determinations are then made with regards to the minimum, maximum, average daily, and average monthly flows; in addition to the size of dams, spillways, and downstream channels; and the seasonal and carry-over storage also needed. If adequate streamflow data is not readily available, the streamflow can be estimated from rain and snow data, or, from data from nearby streams that have similar conditions.

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