3 Drainage Installation Tips From a Drainage System Installation Expert

Necessary Steps for Installing a Drainage System

Drainage is one of the most underrated aspects of landscape design by homeowners and contractors. Many people opt for a beautifully designed lawn or lush green grass. But unfortunately, without a proper drainage system in place, those landscape designs can not withstand the forces of nature. By installing a drainage system in your home or business, you can avoid water accumulation and the damage it typically causes, such as property damage, flooding, and soil erosion, to mention a few. Here are the steps you need to observe before installing and designing a drainage system from a drainage system installation expert.

Know Where the Excess Surface Runoff is Coming From

A mushy lawn that is trying to create its lake indicates that there is either a problem with the drainage system or there is no drainage system in place. That problem results in flooding because there is nowhere the excess water is being diverted. Improper or lack of a drainage system means you depend on nature to carry out the work with precipitation, which is a risky game to play. Therefore, before planning for a drainage system, note where the excess water is coming from.

Know the Soil Type on Your Land

This may sound quite ridiculous, but if you do not put it into consideration before you install a drainage system, you will be kicking yourself in the leg when you start digging the trench. Depending on your location, soil comes in four different categories. It may be predominantly loam, sand, clay, or silt.

Choose a Drain Layout

There are several types of drain layouts you can choose from. They include French drains, drainage pipes (heavy duty), gravel trench (more aesthetically pleasing), and an open ditch (all-purpose). An open ditch is approximately 90cm deep, and it is important to note that it has to slope towards the lower end of the yard. On the other hand, a French ditch is a great alternative if you do not open ditches.

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